Animation test: The Little Cloud Room

We’re thinking about doing some animation in our Patreon video, which is currently in the works. I decided to make something quick to figure out whether I can actually do animating, and how much work it would be. This took about an hour, and is five seconds long. So that’s not great. On the other hand, I was also learning the process during that time, so it might go better with the actual video.

watch The Little Cloud Room on YouTube

Solarpunk Press Alphacast: Episode 3*

*Episode 3 is the first one that's being released publicly.

This is a practice recording, in which I start exploring the process of recording and editing audio fiction, using one of my favorite poems, Miniver Cheevy. (It made the cut because of that and because it's in the public domain. Practice podcasts will probably mainly consist of public domain works.)