We want your solarpunk flash fiction!

Hey folks!

For our March edition, we'd like to publish solarpunk flash fiction under 2000 words, which means we will be publishing multiple pieces!

Submissions guidelines and procedures will remain the same, save for the word count. We really want to see what y'all create in the solarpunk universe!

Go to solarpunkpress.com/submit to enter your piece -- we look forward to reading your stories!

New "About Solarpunk" page

The idea of Solarpunk has been briefly covered on the About page of our website, but Watson and I want to provide a resource page for people who may not know as much about the origin or developing ideology behind Solarpunk.

Both of us had been writing about Solarpunk for months before we'd even thought of starting a magazine. We wrote through our tumblr, watsons-solarpunk (well, it's Watson's -- I contribute), so we're pulling and compiling posts from our blog that we find to be informative.

We'll be adding to the About Solarpunk page as we continue to pull together our past resources, as well as other sources that contain valuable information about Solarpunk.

In the meantime, we've launched the page here.