We want your solarpunk flash fiction!

Hey folks!

For our March edition, we'd like to publish solarpunk flash fiction under 2000 words, which means we will be publishing multiple pieces!

Submissions guidelines and procedures will remain the same, save for the word count. We really want to see what y'all create in the solarpunk universe!

Go to solarpunkpress.com/submit to enter your piece -- we look forward to reading your stories!

Solarpunk Press submissions are open!

It's Monday, July 27, and the button on our Submit page works now. We have no idea if anybody's waiting on the page to drop off stories that we'll be able to start reading right away, or if it'll be a little while before we start seeing submissions, but we're excited to get started!

We're looking for optimistic near-future science fiction -- you can learn more about what we plan to publish, or submit a story, on our submission page here.