Changes to the Patreon

It is 11 p.m. and I should be asleep and not writing this post, but I was too excited to not tell y'all about a change we just made to the Patreon!

Our $5 rewards (A/V Club, Grammar Vigilante and Visions of the Future) were a little difficult to manage, so we've rolled all three into one reward called "Digital Bonus Party." Basically, you get all of the early release content for $10 an issue, plus the "Lobbyist" perk. 

You can check us out here!

001: Riley Marigold and the Winged Lizards of Tel Aviv, by Kayla Bashe

Our first release date is here! Woo! *Celebratory party popper*

... Ahem. 

Episode 1 of Solarpunk Press, "Riley Marigold and the Winged Lizards of Tel Aviv," is available for free, 

in text right here,

and in audio right here.

Trigger warnings are available for those who need them on both of those pages. We hope to soon have iTunes and ebook availability.

The zines have shipped!

The zines have shipped! End post. Just kidding. 

I just mailed our print edition zines to our Everything Bagel Patreon supporters, and I'm super excited to find out what they think! 

They're pretty cool, they've got the cover art by Vondell on them (which you're gonna see on the ebook and web edition as well.)  Coming up with the exclusive content was pretty fun, I'll probably talk about it more once it's out so that I don't spoil anything. 

We're also going to be doing a tumblr give away with some of the zines, tbd soon how many and when.

So yeah, just wanted to update y'all with what was going on. Check us out at if you want. Otherwise stay tuned for the free version to come out, as well as our podcast.

Stay punk

How to do a short fiction podcast for the first time

Step one: Turn on the recorder

Step two: Look at the page

Step three: Scream internally

(Our narrator for the first podcast, Nicole, would like to add that as an alternative to step three you could say half of the first line, incorrectly, and then swear.)

Okay, maybe it wasn't that bad. Recording a short fiction podcast, and reading the first story, was a very cool experience. It was nerve wracking because I felt responsible for the proper portrayal of these characters -- I wanted them to be perfectly real and whole and I never wanted my voice to crack while they were saying a line.

But I realized that, like with a lot of art, you really just have to let go as much as you can and see where your intuition takes you. At times I needed to be coached by Nicole to formulate characters (one of the character's voices was based off of Marcie from Daredevil), but we got through it, giggling and swearing, and created something to be proud of.

I'm really excited for everyone to read this story, or to listen to it, if you so choose, because it's a really wonderful piece, and it was a pleasure to record the audio version and learn more about the characters by doing so. 

 (Note from Watson: They did an amazing job on the podcast, and I edited out all the swears.)