Notice: Hiatus starting after March issue

Solarpunk Press will be taking a three month hiatus from publishing stories after the March issue to pursue grant money and streamline our editorial and creative process. The site will still be updated with new content, but after March the next issue will be in July.

The majority of SPP’s costs come from the stories themselves (usually about $100-$150 per issue) the art ($25 per issue) and the print edition ($15-$30 per issue). When we got started, the plan was to spend up to $2,000 of our own money and see if we could get to a point where we were covering our costs.

Since then, unfortunately, the financial situations of both editors have changed drastically, and we no longer have the liquid funds to keep up with that strategy. We are pursuing external funding -- we’ve received one grant so far, and we have a lot of other queries out.

We really want Solarpunk Press to work. We’re incredibly excited at how well it’s gone so far and we really believe that we can hit sustainability. That’s why we’re doing this: we’d rather pause for a while now and regroup, then come back strong in July, instead of overextending ourselves and coming apart at the seams before that point.

We will be turning off the auto billing on the Patreon during the hiatus, so existing and new patrons won't be billed when we aren’t putting out fiction issues.

The site won't be dead in the meantime, and neither will the Patreon. I (Watson) am  working on an explaining-solarpunk vlog series, and that's unlikely to be the only content. We'll be focusing on content that we can put together and deliver for no additional cost during the hiatus.

We will continue accepting story submissions during the hiatus.


T.X. Watson
Faith Gregory
Editors, Solarpunk Press