Volunteers (Why we're not asking yet)

Before we've even opened the call for submissions, we've already had people offering to volunteer for the magazine. That was really cool! We're excited that there are people out here on the web who want to volunteer their time and energy to this project.

So far, though, we've turned these offers down.

We don't yet know what the workload is going to be like for Solarpunk Press. We don't yet know how it will fit into our lives, around work and school and that other thing humans do with other humans in meatspace. (Socialize? Garfunkel? Duck?) Not to mention our Tumblr time.

We don't know those things. We do know, though, that taking on volunteers is a significant organizational challenge, especially if these volunteers aren't people we can easily interact with in meatspace. And it's not just a linear increase in effort -- it would require learning and using new software, new skills, new organization strategies, maintaining new kinds of relationships.

We don't want to start bringing additional people into the project until we're more confident that the amount of work it takes off our shoulders is greater than the amount generated by the addition of more people.

To the people who've offered to volunteer, and even to the people who've just thought about it: Thank you. It means a lot to us, and makes us feel good about the possibilities for growth in the future.